Alien Play Zones
Anti-Gravity Generator
Pirate Space Vessel
Inter-Galatic Worm Holes
Jurrasic Planet
Anti-Gravity Generator
Explore the core of the Zero Gravity
power source. This spectacular inflatable
experience places you inside a mysterious
machine full of obstacles, climbing walls
and slides. Try to unlock the source behind
Zero Gravity as you slam dunk atoms into
the atom separator.

Pirate Space Vessel
Travel  to planets all around the galaxy in
this pirate's space vessel. Climb, bounce,
and slide on your journey across space.

Inter-Galatic Worm Holes
Looking for a short cut through space and
time?  This gigantic inflatable is full of
obstacles, climbs, and slides.  There is no
better way to race through the universe
than through an Inter-Galatic Worm hole.

Jurrasic Planet
Land on a mysterious new planet where
dinosaurs still roam.  Climb up volcanoes
and slide down lava chutes as you explore
this alien planet.