What is Party Xtremes?
Party Xtremes is a local family owned party planning service that
offers uniquely designed inflatables and other party rental
equipment at the lowest prices in the market.
How are our inflatables different?
We offer premier inflatables.  Our Xtreme inflatables were
designed to be the biggest and best in the industry.  All units
offer a multitude of activities and provide an Xtreme bouncing
experience.  If you shop around, you'll see why we call our
inflatables..."Xtreme Inflatbales".

Safety and Service
In addition to a great product, we provide attendants with our
rentals.  Having an attendant at your party provides a fun, safe,
and worry free experience for you and your guests.

Quality and Convenience
We also sanitize and inspect our inflatables after each use.  
Delivery is also free for some locations.  

With all of these features and benefits, we are still the lowest
price rental service in town.  In fact, if you can find an inflatable
that matches our standards at a lower price, we'll rent you our
unit for 5% less.